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《Whose bag is this?》Lost and found PPT课件3


《Whose bag is this?》Lost and found PPT课件3 详细介绍:

《Whose bag is this?》PPT课件3《Whose bag is this?》PPT课件3《Whose bag is this?》PPT课件3

《Whose bag is this?》Lost and found PPT课件3

Match the words from the box with the pictures.

bag           crayons    eraser

football     gloves      wallet     watch      

What’s this?

It’s  a bag

Whose bag is  this?

It’s his bag.(他的)

It’s his .

his bag= his (他的)

... ... ...

Do some exercises.

1. ______(谁的) bag is this?


2. Is this ______ (他的)football?

Yes, it is. It’s _______. (他的)

3. Is this ______ (我的)watch?

Yes, it is. It’s ______.(你的)

4. Are these_______ (Betty) crayons?

Yes, they’re _______ crayons.

They are_______.


1.This is ______(我的)book.

This book is _______(我的).

2.This is ________(你的)cap.

This cap is ________(你的).

3. This T-shirt is _____(她的).

This is ____(她的) T-shirt.

4. This sweater is _____(他的).

This is ____(他的)sweater.

... ... ...

Listen ,read and answer.

1.What can we find in lost and found box?

Bag, crayons, eraser, tapes, wallet, watch, gloves.

2.Whose bag is it? 

It’s Ling ling's.

3.Are the crayons Betty’s?

No, it isn’t.

4.Is the eraser Daming's?

No, it isn’t.

5. Whose tapes are these?

They are Daming’s.

6.Is the wallet yours, Tony?

Yes, it is.

7.Whose watch is this?

It’s Betty’s.

8.Are these gloves Ms Li’s?

Yes, they are.

... ... ...

Language points

1. First of all, come and look in the lost and found box! 


First of all 是在介绍准备讲的几件事情的 第一件事情。用于强调次序。

First of all, let me introduce myself to you. 首先,让我作个自我介绍。

First of all, clean the surface that you are going to paint.


2. —Whose bag is this? 这是你的书包吗?

—It’s mine. 这是我的。


Whose bike is this? 

Whose skateboard is this? 

mine意为“我的”, 是名词性物主代词, 名词性物主代词有:mine, hers, his, ours, theirs, its等,在句中做主语、宾语、和表语,后面不需要接任何名词。如:

This football is theirs.


... ... ...



1. — Whose bag is this?    

— It’s mine. 

2. — Is it yours too, Daming?

— No, it isn’t. I think it’s Betty’s.

3. — Whose tapes are these?

— They’re mine.

4. Everyone, please be careful with your things from now on.


mine 我的           hers    她的

his 他的              yours 你的, 你们的

theirs 他们的      ours   我们的

Whose ... is this?

Is this your ... ?

... ... ...


1. He coloured the picture with a p____ c_____.

2. Tony likes black w____.

3. These g____ are not m___, they’re y____.

4. W____ pencil is this?

5. I can’t find my English book, it would be in the l__ and found box!


his   mine   Betty   whose    my

My name’s Rebecca. This is __ bag. There are many things in it. These crayons are _____. Here’s a brown wallet. Here’s my friend name “Mike”. The wallet is ___. Lily gives me a watch. ______ gloves are these? They are not _____. Oh, it’s ______.


1. 失物招领箱里有很多支蜡笔。

There are _ __ __ ______ in the ___ and _____ box.

2. 从现在开始, 他要尽量画得好些。

_____ now __, he will try to draw better.

3. 那只手表不是我的,是Lily的。

The watch isn’t ____, it’s _____.

4. 请保管好你的东西。

Please be ______ ____ your things. 

5. 这盒磁带很棒。你听了吗?

This is a great ____. Have you heard it?

6. 这个足球是我们的。

The ______ is ____.

... ... ...


1. To preview the new words and expressions in Unit 2

2. To preview the passage in Unit 2


1. Remember all the new words and expressions we’ve learned today;

2. Write something about your family by using words we’ve learned today.  

... ... ...


(   ) 1. This is my book, that one is __.

A. she   B. her  C. his  D. he

(   ) 2. ____pen is this?

A. Whose   B. Who  C. Who’s

(   ) 3. This is not ____bag.

A. mine  B. my    C. he   D. she

(   ) 4. ___pencil is here, and ___is there.

A. My, he  B. Mine, his  C. My, his

(   ) 5. That is not ____jacket.

A. yours  B. hers   C. his   D. mine

... ... ...

一、 重点词汇拓展

1. 钱包_______  2. 橡皮擦 _______

3. 谁的_______  4. 发现;找到_______

5. 失物招领箱_____ _____ ______ ______

6. 我的(东西) ________

7. 你(们)的(东西)_______

8. 她的(东西)________ 

9. 从现在开始_______ _______ ______

10.移动电话________ _______


1. Dad gives me a new baseball g_______

2. I lose my w_______ so I don’t have any money now.

3. Be c_______! The car is coming.

4. Tony takes some photos with a new c______

5. —Thank you!   —You are w_______

6. —W_____ do you like apples?

—Because they are delicious.

7.Tom goes to school in a h______.

... ... ...

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