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《Let/s Go to the Bookstore!》Let/s Go! PPT课件


《Let/s Go to the Bookstore!》Let/s Go! PPT课件 详细介绍:

《Let\s Go to the Bookstore!》Let\s Go! PPT课件《Let\s Go to the Bookstore!》Let\s Go! PPT课件《Let\s Go to the Bookstore!》Let\s Go! PPT课件

《Let's Go to the Bookstore!》Let's Go! PPT课件


Jenny:Danny, let's go to the bookstore!

Danny:①How can we get there?

Jenny:Hmm… We can ride our bikes!

Danny:I can't ride my bike.It's broken.

Jenny:Oh, I see. We can take Bus 42!

Danny:Great! ②Let's take the bus!

(③Danny and Jenny get off the bus. ④But they get lost on the way to the bookstore.They see a lady.They ask her the way.)

Danny:Excuse me.Can you help us? We are looking for the bookstore.Where is it?

Lady:Do you have a map?

Jenny:Yes.Here it is.

Lady:OK.Good!See, you are here. ⑤Go down this street.Turn left at the traffic lights.Then go straight and you can see the bookstore.Good luck!

Danny & Jenny:Thank you very much!

Lady:You're welcome.

... ... ...

Let's Go to the Bookstore!PPT,第二部分内容:Let's Do It!

1 Listen to the dialogues and circle the correct pictures.

2  Read the lesson and tick the correct answers.

1.Where are Jenny and Danny going?

To the post office.       To the bookstore.

To the library.

2.How do they go there?

By bus.      By bike.       On foot.

3.Who do they ask for directions?

A lady.       A man.        Mr.Jones.

3 Fill in the blanks with the words in the box.

excuse       luck          straight         traffic

1.A: _________me.Can you tell me the way to the library?

B:Go_________ and turn right at the first _________ lights.

2.A:What's the matter?

B:I had bad __________ today.I lost my book.

... ... ...

Let's Go to the Bookstore!PPT,第三部分内容:教材全面解读

01  How can we get there?我们怎样才能到那里?(教材P82)

【析句式】    How      can     we   get    there.

“How can we get there?”的用法

这是询问交通方式的特殊疑问句,how询问方式,意为“怎样”。回答一般用“by+表示交通工具的名词”或on foot等表达交通方式的短语回答,用句子来回答要注意人称和动词形式的变化。

—How do you go to work? 你怎么去上班?

—By bike. 骑自行车。

02  Let's take the bus!我们乘坐公共汽车吧!(教材P82)


take the bus意为“乘公共汽车”,句中的take用来表示“乘坐(某一交通工具)”,常用结构:take+the/a/an+交通工具。在交通工具名词前一般应有冠词或物主代词等修饰语。

Will you take a plane to go there?


03  Danny and Jenny get off the bus.


get off的用法

get off为固定词组,意为“下(车、船、飞机等)”,其反义词组是get on,意为“上(车、船、飞机等)”。

Jeff walks to the back door of the 

bus and is ready to get off. 



... ... ...

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