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《We must keep the camp clean》Rules and suggestions PPT课件3


《We must keep the camp clean》Rules and suggestions PPT课件3 详细介绍:

《We must keep the camp clean》Rules and suggestions PPT课件3《We must keep the camp clean》Rules and suggestions PPT课件3

《We must keep the camp clean》Rules and suggestions PPT课件3

Words review

tent  n.  帐篷

fall    v.  变成,进入(某种状态)

fall asleep   入睡;睡着

hang    v.  悬挂;吊

sudden  adj. 突然的;急剧的

gun     n.   枪

soft   adj.  软的;柔软的

still    adj.  静止的;不动的

wood   n.   (小)树林;林地

blood   n.   血;血液

... ... ...


1. To get information from the reading material about the event

2. To learn some key words and useful expressions 

3. To learn some survival skills — what you should do if there are bears near:

hang food in a tree; keep the camp clean; pick up your rubbish; make a lot of noise; if you see a bear, don’t run 

Focus on


tent    hang   sudden   gun   soft   still    wood   blood


fall asleep   put up   tidy up   reach out

from a long way away    go cold


If they know where we are, they may come any closer.

No one can run faster in the forest than a bear.

... ... ...

Fast reading 

How many days did the three men stay in Yellowstone park?

About thirteen days. 

Reading Suggestion:

Don’t read word by word look through the whole passage quickly.

Read the passage quickly and we can divide the passage into four parts. 

Part 1 (Para 1-2)     the first day

Part 2 (Para 3-11)   the second day

Part 3 (Para 13-17) the third day

Part 4 (Para 18)      the next ten days

... ... ...

Part 1  (the first day)

On the first evening, the three of us were tired after walking for about eight hours. we soon fell asleep.

In the middle of the night , I heard  a strange noise outside. But when I looked out of the tent,there was nothing there.

Part 2  (the second day)

In the morning I got up to make breakfast. The bag of food was open.

“Bears” said Joe. “we should hang the food in a tree tonight.”

Later that day we stopped in a beautiful field by a stream. We put up the tent and fell asleep.

During the night the bears came again. This time they took the food from the tree.

 "It wasn't hign enough.Bears can climb tress. They can smell food from a long way away,"said Ben.

... ... ...

2 Read the passage and answer the questions. 

3. Where do you think is the best places to keep food safe from bears?

High off the ground./ High in the tree 

4. What was the noise behind the writer?

It was a mother bear. 

5. Do you think their stay in the park was a success?

I think so. / I don’t think so.

... ... ...

Language points

1. … the three of us were tired after walking for about eight hours.    


如:our first evening

The three of us were tired after walking   

for about eight hours. after we walked

after 是介词,后跟动词的ing 形式。

the three of us,the 用在数词前表示特指。意为“我们三个人”(一共就三个人)。

three of us“我们中的三个” (我们不止三个人)


They have eight people in the team.   

The eight of them (这八个人)  all know only good teamwork will enable them to get the job done on time. 

There are 10 people in the office and eight of them (其中八个) are women.

3. fall asleep   入睡     

go to bed   上床睡觉

4. in the middle of the night  在午夜

in the middle of … 在……的中间、中央

... ... ...


1) on our first evening:  在我们的第一晚上

2) in the middle of the night:  在午夜

3) in the morning / afternoon /evening:

在早上 / 下午 / 晚上

4) on the morning of… / on … morning: 


5) later that day:       那天晚些时候

6) during the night:   在夜间

7) the next day:    第二天

8) for the next 10 days: 在接下来的十天里

... ... ...

Write sentences with the notes you have made in Activity 5.

☺ Say where it is.

Lushan National Park is in Jiangxi Province.

☺ Say why people go there.             

People go there to see the mountains and streams.

☺ Say if there are any dangers from animals.

The fish and birds there are not dangerous, but there are some snakes.

☺ Say how we can protect ourselves.

We mustn’t walk in the grass.

☺ Say what we should do to look after the place.             

We should allow only 1,000 people to visit it each day.

... ... ...



1. the three of us

2. tidy up

3. reach out

4. And we should make lots of noise.

5. If you see a bear, you mustn’t make any sudden moves or make a sound.

6. I saw a baby bear playing with some sticks and stones.

Spelling Bee

Now 2 mins to test your spelling.

1. English-Chinese

sudden    soft    blood   wood   still    tent   wood    gun 

2. Chinese-English 

入睡; 睡着   悬挂; 吊   每次; 每当

... ... ...

Ⅰ. 用方框中合适词的恰当形式填空。

reach out      watch out     stick    

sudden     tidy up

1. “________! That car nearly hit you.

2. Now let’s find some _______ to make a fire.

3. There was a ________ storm, and we all got wet.

4. What a mess! _________ your room right now, Jeff.

5. The monkey _________ a hand through the bars (栅栏) and took the bananas.


1. -Don’t make a ___ in the library, Bill.

-Sorry, I won’t do that again.

A. voice   B. noise   C. sound   D. singing

2. -Where’s Mr. Yu, do you know? 

-Well, it’s hard to say. But I saw him ______ a football game just now.  (2006河南省课改区) 

A. was watching     B. watching   

C. had watched      D. watched  

... ... ...


1. Review the use of modal verbs.

2. Search for some information about ecotourism. 

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