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《Care for the Earth》PPT课件


《Care for the Earth》PPT课件 详细介绍:

《Care for the Earth》PPT课件《Care for the Earth》PPT课件《Care for the Earth》PPT课件

《Care for the Earth》PPT课件

第一部分内容:Free talk

We live on the earth. It’s our earth. It’s our home. It’s our mother earth. Where do we live, can you point it out?

Read and answer

What bad things do we do to our earth?

We cut down too many trees. We waste too much water and make the air dirty.

What should we do?

We should care for our earth. We should do something to make the water and the air clean. We should plant more trees and help the animals.

... ... ...

《Care for the Earth》PPT,第二部分内容:Presentation

Read again and tick or cross

(     ) 1. There are mountains, trees and flowers on the earth.

(     ) 2. We live on the earth with many animals.

(     ) 3. We should cut down more trees.

(     ) 4. We make all the water dirty.

(     ) 5. We should care for the animals.

Read and fill in the blanks

(1)There are _____ trees, flowers, rivers and _________ on the earth.

(2) We cut down ____ _____ trees.

(3) We waste ____ _____ water and make the air _____.

... ... ...

《Care for the Earth》PPT,第三部分内容:Let’s learn

care for  关心,爱护

Alice has a white rabbit and she cares for it.

do bad things to

对……做坏事,损坏 ……

We are friends. We shouldn’t do bad things to each other.

... ... ...

《Care for the Earth》PPT,第四部分内容:Think and write




1. My father and mother care for me very much.

2. We should care for the small trees.

3. People shouldn’t do bad things to our earth.

many 和much的用法

many和much都表示“许多”。但是many修饰可数名词,much修饰不可数名词。Many和much都可以用a lot of 替换,但a lot of一般用于肯定句中。如:

There are many people in the park during the holiday.

There is much milk and juice in the fridge.

too many与too much的用法

too many和too much表示强调,意为“太多”。用法与many 和much基本形同,不同的是too much可作福词短语,用来修饰动词。如:

I eat too much, so I don’t feel good.(修饰动词eat)

There is too much bread on the table. (修饰名词bread)

I’m very busy today, because I have too many things to do. (修饰名词things)

... ... ...

《Care for the Earth》PPT,第五部分内容:Summary

care for


do bad things to

对……做坏事,损坏 ……



2.仿照“Think and draw 制作海报。

3.预习“Read and answer”。

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